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Jackson says she was targeted by a small group of anti-gay rapists who posed as lesbians on an Internet chatroom and lured the two women to the remote footpath.

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As conditions of probation, Guzman must undergo sex offender evaluation and treatment, cannot have any contact with children under 16 years of age, and cannot use the Internet except for work related reasons.

Judge Ball also ordered that Guzman be prohibited from loitering in areas where children tend to congregate and be prohibited from visiting, entering, or using any online chat room bulletin board service or social networking site, among other conditions On January 31, 2011, Guzman was arrested at his residence in Jamaica Plain by Massachusetts State Police assigned to the AG’s Office.

In this March 24, 2015 photo, gay rights activist Angeline Jackson, 24, speaks with a colleague in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jackson, a victim of a targeted sexual assault when she was 19, now directs the only registered lesbian and bisexual women's organization in Jamaica and is determined to help others recover from sexual crimes targeting female homosexuals, including so-called “corrective rapes” intended to force them into becoming heterosexual or punish them for not fitting societal norms.

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Jamaican sex chatroom

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