Dating scam reporting website

by  |  03-May-2020 06:56

The CAFC is Canada's repository for data, intelligence and resource material related to fraud.It provides information to assist citizens, businesses and law enforcement in Canada and around the world. This includes documents, receipts, copies of emails and/or text messages. This ensures that they are aware of which scams are targeting their residents and businesses.

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With the growth in online services and internet use, there are many opportunities for criminals to commit scams and fraud.

These are dishonest schemes that seek to take advantage of unsuspecting people to gain a benefit (such as money, or access to personal details).

Every year, thousands of Canadians fall victim to fraud, losing millions of dollars.

Most don't think it could happen to them, but fraudsters use sophisticated ways to target people of all ages.

The RCMP manages the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) with the Competition Bureau and the Ontario Provincial Police.

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