Dating an unhappy married man Naked women live chat

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I think men who do that just like to cheat and women who believe their lies get all the hurt in the world and they should. ), and if you continue to see him, you are like the 3rd leg on rickety old milking stool..

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Dating an unhappy married man

Having an attractive woman by his side also does something very important for his ego – it validates him.

If she’s attractive, he feels like a king of the hunt.

guys tell the mistress the "i'll divorce my wife soon" story to keep the relationship with the mistress going if that's what the mistress wants to hear. because he can get a mistress and tell her stories instead of getting a divorce.until the marriage becomes very, very bad (in his eyes) to the point where the pain of divorce looks better than the pain of staying married with a mistress on the side...he buck up the courage to get a divorce. I keep hearing men say, they love their kids and want to keep the kids happy.

if a guy is unhappy in a marriage it just means he's married lol! That maybe they will leave when the kids are older. Good to love your kids, but as a kid from arguing parents, divorce already!

Human hearts being what they are, love does not take heed of something as mundane as a wedding ring.

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