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And then he did something else: Unlike most gay actors, he never bothered to go back into the closet." Peter Paige (Emmett) "The openly gay Peter Paige brings a refreshing depth to "Queer as Folk's" most stereotypically "gay" character, Emmett, but says he's nothing like him in real life." sernum=489 Sharon Gless (Debbie) ""Even as a young girl, I noticed that women liked me better than the boys did," she says. When people have asked me in the past if I'm gay, I've said, ' I'm not gay, but I am festive.'"" Who May Be Bisexual: Thea Gill (Lindsay) "Thea Gill is married to theatre director Brian Richmond.

sernum=108 Those who are not gay: Michelle Clunie (Melanie) "Honestly, it has been a very interesting experience for me, because I'm not Jewish and I'm not a lesbian." I guess it's just that I was thinking which publication I should reveal this to," he finally admits, as if being straight is a crime." Scott Lowell (Ted) "As a straight person dealing with issues of the gay world, Lowell sees himself as a liaison between both communities. Art is supposed to better society somehow, and I believe ? "I've always been very comfortable with that relationship. When asked about playing a lesbian Gill said, "Personally, I don't see it as very much of a stretch for me. A lot of people interpret this as bisexuality, and it could be." How does Thea Gill Feel about playing a lesbian?

Filling in for Harold will be Harris Allan, who played Michael and Ben’s adopted HIV son, Hunter.

Running June 8 to 10, Rise’n Shine (the name a nod to a common Brian quote from the show) is the brainchild of Elke Kriebel, a Cologne travel agent and diehard cast, plus a charity auction of show memorabilia and numerous parties around the city.

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