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This is homepage of Quick La Te X service which allows easy inclusion of math formulas and graphics in Word Press using La Te X & Tik Z.

One of the main advantages over similar services is capability of using native La Te X syntax directly in the posts, pages and comments without special enclosing tags for every equation.(Sincere gratitude to Kim Kirkpatrick for his contributions to this plugin.

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Considering the nature of a web-based e-mail contact form we are also required to dive into two separate application fields, which is the PHP backend code for sending email and j Query functions for rich user interface.

By the end we will be left with a fully dynamic and functional contact form written with later customization in mind.

The Email Checker test is SMTP based, which provides the highest accuracy and additionally contains a lot of useful information to validate/verify any and all email addresses.

Please enter an email address and click verify to see exactly what our Email Checker tool can do for you.

in the LFAQ section; there are also articles about web site testing and management in the 'Resources' section.

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