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A comprehensive review with 185 references for the analysis of commonly prescribed members of an important class of drugs, non-sedating antihistamines (NSAs), is presented.

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Administration of the antihistamine terfenadine (Seldane) to patients may result in acquired long QT syndrome and ventricular arrhythmias.

One human cardiac target is Kv1.5, which expresses the ultrarapid outward K Terfenadine carboxylate, the major metabolite of terfenadine, does not block either HERG or Kv1.5, which agrees with the hypothesis that the buildup of parent terfenadine is the likely explanation for its cardiotoxicity.

In the fasting state bilastine is quickly absorbed, but the absorption is slowed when it is taken with food or fruit juice.

Therefore, it is recommended that bilastine is taken at least one hour before and no sooner than two hours after a meal.

Antihistamines that block H1 receptors are prescribed for relief of symptoms from upper respiratory infections or allergy.

Nonsedating antihistamine

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