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*/ public void execute Behavior(String id, String value) Hi, can I possibly apply it to my enhanced wicket tester project? In future it could be base for API changes in Wicket Tester.

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After the update occurs, the On Updated fires and runs another piece of Java Script that hides the DIV.

You can view a live demo here and download the sample web application with all of the code included here.

A few of the screens contain a number of different sections and users would like to see the indicator rendered over the control (most commonly a Grid View or Details View) that is being updated.

To achieve this, I am using the Update Panel Animation Extender control that is part of the Ajax Control Toolkit (You can follow directions here to install and get started using the toolkit).

But if you have a custom component create by yourself from more components or even one like Date Field, Date Text Field , you will have to add a behavior to every sub-component to make your form update through ajax.

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