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Medicines or medical products (including vitamins, homeopathic medicines, nail polish, cosmetics, creams, and perfumes) unless authorized under the applicable legislation. Size Limits () The surface area of the address side of the item to be mailed must be large enough to completely contain the Global Express Guaranteed Air Waybill/Shipping Invoice (shipping label), postage, endorsement, and any applicable markings.

Observations for information about areas served in the destination country, allowable contents, packaging and labeling requirements, tracking and tracing, service standards, and other conditions for mailing.

The many beaches are an important tourist attraction.

The climate is generally mild, and freezing temperatures are almost unknown.

The Atlantic Ocean is on the east and the estuary of the Río de la Plata is on the south.

The land area is about 68,020 square miles (176,220 kilometers).

, for the applicable retail, Commercial Base, or Commercial Plus price.

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