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I want to say to them, “Dudes, I’m not 20 anymore, and even when I was 20, I never went home with a guy after a few minutes.” Yes, I guess I’m kind of high maintenance.

You need to get to know me, spend some time with me, invest a bit of your time and energy in wooing me, but dammit, I deserve that.

More than that, I have found myself contemplating what I want to do with the rest of my life, now that I seem to almost have one again. Kind of my own personal bucket list of sorts, I guess.

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I have to blog right away about this weekend before I forget all of the details of why it was awesome.

First, I want to begin by including this video of Wil Wheaton talking about embracing your own nerdiness.

If nothing seems to fit the bill you can always suggest a different locale, so long as it is within the same budget. Be Confident- If this is your first time “out there” dating after bariatric surgery you’re probably a little nervous.

Practice smiling, making small talk, and entrust a close friend to help you pick the right outfit.

So, Saturday morning, I drove out to their house and we drove out to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Mountains. I wanted to post this picture because I thought it was a pretty good picture of me. I love that I can get up and just head out into the world to do what I want, hiking, walking around museums, try to keep up with my niece.

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