Online portal for people to have cam sex

by  |  16-Nov-2019 16:20

It is a form of sexual abuse involving an exchange of some form of payment which can include; money, mobile phones and other items, drugs, alcohol, a place to stay, 'protection' or affection The vulnerability of the young person and grooming process employed by perpetrators renders them powerless to recognise the exploitative nature of relationships and unable to give informed consent Children and young people do not volunteer to be sexually exploited and they cannot consent to their own abuse.

This applies as much to young people aged 16 and 17 as it does to younger children. Online Child Sexual Exploitation is where perpetrators deceive, coerce and manipulate children into producing and sharing indecent images of themselves or engaging in sexual chat or sexual activity over a webcam/s.

The Government is looking at establishing a new prohibition at the Commonwealth level, alongside a civil regime designed to deter and penalise persons and content hosts and additional powers for the Children's e Safety Commissioner.

This paper discusses the issues and invites feedback on how a proposed civil penalty regime might best complement existing regulation, how it might be framed, definitions of key terms and behaviours, and how the Commissioner might enforce the civil penalty regime.

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