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by  |  02-Sep-2019 19:49

People experience repeated incidents and problems of intimidation and harassment day after day.

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It’s my opinion that we view the world of the legal system, no matter what country you are working in, as being a bit of a “black box”. That means that when the other side of the table uses legal intimidation as part of the negotiation process in order to get their way during a negotiation, they’ll bring in the lawyers.

In today’s hurry-up world, the use of legal intimidation brings with it two threats.

However, there’s one thing that can cause the blood of even a seasoned negotiator to run cold: the threat of legal action.

All of the negotiation styles and negotiating techniques in the world aren’t going to help you now. So exactly why do negotiators fear legal intimidation so much? The only people who seem to understand the legal system are lawyers.

If there are other charges present, the importance of having a strong defense is even more paramount. This is also the case when this conduct is committed by a “criminal street gang member.” Threatening or intimidating in order to promote a gang or crime group can be a class 3 felony.

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