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Formerly, she was associated with Glenn Beck's The Blaze TV and The Blaze's news discussion.

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Amy Schumer recently revealed she's 'dating a new dude' following her split with boyfriend Ben Hanisch last month.

And on Sunday the Trainwreck actress looked happy as she was spotted out in New York with a mystery man.

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when she responded to my incessant emails and agreed to go on a date with me.(Note: This picture of Amy isn't from our date, due to a strict no cameras policy.

I'm guessing this photo is circa 2002 and she's being Avril Lavigne for Halloween.)Amy currently lives in Washington, DC on a street with the other right-wing political pundits.

Wait until Larry Craig walks into a men's room.-Newt Gingrich will only drink a special martini made with Stoli Elite vodka and children's tears.-Since the only Republican in show business, Dennis Miller, had a gig in Vegas that night, the entertainment was Mike Huckabee's biblical puppet show (The gay puppet went to hell).-John Mc Cain couldn't make it, but angrily called his wife "cunt" in a videotaped message.-Amy Holmes prefers nine inches, but she'll settle for seven inches and a finger up her ass.

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