Dating only see once week

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He knows your hobbies, your alma mater, and your last name.

Photo: Screen Gems/Courtesy Everett Collection"You're seriously staying the night? It was a Tuesday."You're kicking me out after midnight to go home alone? He hesitated before finally nodding."Okay, well, you have to stay on that side of the bed and be quiet. He was a classic Thursday Guy—we had a great time on the weekends but he always had some sort of excuse when it came to weekday plans.

I drifted off to sleep, pleased when he eventually draped his arm around me and pulled me toward him.

What follows are some of the the most common questions and objections I get regarding my dating and relationship advice. The once-a-week rule only applies to FBs and MLTRs.

These are different from objections people use to defend monogamy, which I already addressed right here. If you choose to make one special gal your OLTR, which is the nonmonogamous equivalent of girlfriend or wife, then you are more than welcome to see her more than once a week if you wish. You need to acknowledge the reality that no matter how good you are, if you start seeing a woman more than once a week, the odds of receiving drama and betaization from her launch upwards, no matter how sweet or wonderful she is.

Otherwise, keep her at the MLTR level until you improve your relationship skills and outcome independence. This complaint often comes from guys who have FBs come over to their house at 10pm or 11pm, then have sex, and now it’s 1am, and they feel “weird” or “mean” making her go home that late. This way, by the time fun time is over, it’s still early, perhaps 9pm or so at the latest; plenty early enough for her to go back home. If not, and she refuses to go any further than she did on date two, then she’s wasting my time. The problem is when you have consecutive dates where nothing new is happening sexually. It’s beta male zone, and you’re in for either A) a dump, B) friend zone, or if you manage to actually get laid, C) heavy betaization. Much of the stuff I talk about is going to be either impossible or ridiculously difficult, requiring an almost James Bond / Bruce Wayne level of game and discretion that even guys like me don’t have. That’s why I don’t do online dating.” Go to a local mall and do daygame for a few hours.

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