No signup sex sites - My poker dating

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You can brush up before the big night so you are totally prepared 😉 Get your spouse involved by inviting them to meet you for a little private play time.You can even attach the instruction sheet to the invite so they can brush up on the rules too.

Jo enlists the help of her ex-fiance Slade Smiley plus her best friends Myia Ingoldsby and Katy Metz.

Three contestants are invited into Slade's house, every week to live with him and compete for Jo's heart.

However, what none of them know is that Slade can watch the dates.

After all of the dates, Jo chooses one of the guys to stay in Slade's house and go on a second date with her, while the others are told, "I think we should just be friends", and they have to leave the house immediately.

They have all planned dates and Martin, the real estate salesman, goes first.

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