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owing to the continually increasing requirements of the tax authorities with regard to the supplying companies, an in-depth check of the documents to be submitted by you is required for approval at At this point we would like to point out to you that we charge a fee of EUR 199,00 net to check authorisation at Registration of Foreign Company in Pakistan, being the team of lawyers providing legal services in all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Thatta. Copy of such permission letter is required to be furnished with the documents meant for registration of a foreign company. After expiry does branch/liaison need permission again from Board of Investment? Yes, after expiry renewal/extension of the permission to open/maintain a branch/liaison office is also required to be obtained from the Board of Investment on the expiry of the validity period of the permission originally granted.

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Deshalb dokumentiéren wir hier in unserer "Artikel-Statistik" die aktuellen 50 Artikel im Redaktionsbereich des PR-Journals (chronologisch gelistet).

Jeweils mit der Anzahl der aktuellen Klicks, den Autoren, dem Veröffentlichungsdatum und dem Ressort, in dem der Artikel erschienen ist. free chatting indian sites Wir haben die Kommentarfunktion wegen zu vieler Spam-Kommentare abgeschaltet. Buchungswunsch an: partnersuche mit » partnerbörse nr.

In every prospectus inviting subscriptions for its shares or debentures in Pakistan, state the country in which the company is incorporated.

Conspicuously exhibit on the outside of every place where it carries on business in Pakistan the name of the company and the country in which the company is incorporated in letters easily legible in English or Urdu characters and also, if any place where it carries on business is beyond the local limits of the ordinary civil jurisdiction of a High Court, in the characters of one of the vernacular language used in that place.

Foreign Company is a company registered outside Pakistan, under a foreign law other than Pakistani law and establishes its place of business in Pakistan. Is registration of foreign company is mandatory with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan? Yes, registration of a foreign company with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan is mandatory. Is a foreign company required to obtain any other permission from any other organization for opening and maintaining of its branch/liaison office in Pakistan? A foreign company desirous of setting up a branch or liaison office is required to obtain permission from the Board of Investment, Government of Pakistan. For how long Board of Investment grants permission to open a branch/liaison office of foreign company in Islamic Republic of Pakistan? The permission for opening of branch/liaison office is granted by the Board of Investment for an initial period of three to five years.

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