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Mit dem seit den 1990er Jahren existierenden Begriff Cybersex (CS) werden verschiedene Formen der virtuellen Erotik, sexueller Interaktion und Pornographie bezeichnet, die mit Hilfe eines Computers oder über das Internet ausgelebt werden.

Das Spektrum reicht von der reinen Betrachtung und/oder Masturbation beim Konsumieren pornographischer Bilder in sexuell anzüglichen Chats oder den Austausch erotischer E-Mails innerhalb von Fernbeziehungen bis hin zur sexuellen Stimulation mit Hilfe von Datenhelmen oder -handschuhen.

most common questions in my e-mail is some variation on this: "How do I find women to have cybersex with? People still seem to believe the internet is full of millions of lonely, socially inept dweebs desperately masturbating with other lonely, socially inept dweebs pretending to be porn stars. Few writers bother to look beyond the fear to find other stories about sex in virtual spaces.

And what television news program wants to report on normal people having a great time visiting and flirting and possibly sharing orgasms – normal people who then log off and go about the rest of their normal lives?

There were no divisions in the house, so the younger sisters saw everything that happened when Dianna had to stand in front of the desktop computer set up in a corner. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), on September 4, 2013, Philippine local law enforcement, HSI agents and IJM set up a sting operation.

Customers would wire a payment to her parents, then direct Dianna to perform sex acts. The parents thought they were preparing for a show, but instead a team of law enforcement and social workers arrived to place them under arrest.

It could just mean you'd rather engage and relate than zombie-out in front of the television.

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