Updating mio c220

by  |  13-Oct-2019 10:08

The C720t is a cumulative development on previous models of Mio Technology.

This model has a 2-mega-pixel camera allowing the user to create their own points of interest (POI).

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The Mio C220 has several advantages against the competition: As with all GPS units, there are times when the device chooses a route that is not as smart/easy as you would like, but I don’t think that any GPS out there is really all that smart, including the pricey ones.

Mio has taken the convergence mantra to heart with its higher end sat-nav systems over the past year.

The look of the Mio C220 will blend with most car interior as it is fairly neutral.

It has a decent display, which makes the maps quite readable.

Although much cheaper than its older siblings this model is powered by a similar hardware (400Mhz processor) and provides the *same navigation experience* than the Mio C310x (Read Review) or the Mio H610.

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