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dnf-plugin-system-upgrade is a plugin for the dnf package manager which handles system upgrades.It is the recommended command line upgrade method for Fedora 21 and later (Except Atomic Host, which uses rpm-ostree; for that see Atomic_Host_upgrade).Much of the Accessibility menus involving things like quick check, change Reading options are removed. Note: When a screen reader like JAWS, Window-Eyes, or Narrator is running when Reader is started for the first time on XP, Protected Mode is disabled.

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Before slackpkg can be used it needs to have a current list of packages and their versions and that can be downloaded automatically by the tool itself once a mirror site is selected.

To select a mirror, just uncomment a single darkstar~# slackpkg search mc Looking for mc in package list. DONE The list below shows all packages with name matching "mc".

Running slackpkg with this argument will generate a list of all packages that are obsolete and can be safely removed from the system.

Note that non-official packages will be listed here unless blacklisted.

In these cases, Reader could fail to open or crash after displaying an incompatible-configuration dialog.

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