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Few industries can match the extreme operating conditions in steel and other metal mills. Combined, these conditions degrade equipment, cause unplanned downtime and make effective maintenance difficult at best.

Abrasive dust, aggressive chemicals and high humidity.

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Onsdag deltok Panorama Design på Transform 2016, DOGAs arkitektur- og designdag.

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Dozens of Veye Yo members were on hand, making the Miami delegation one of the largest.

There was a brief exposition of Jean-Juste’s body before the funeral, which was presided over by Bishop Serge Miot and Fathers André Pierre and Adonai Jean-Juste, assisted by a dozen other purple-robed priests.

“Some of the soldiers began to fire their weapons in the air,” explained Faubert Pierre, 41, a film crew driver who witnessed the shooting. Demonstrators carried the bloody body from the church a half-mile down the hill to the National Palace, where they lay it in the driveway, on the proverbial doorstep of President René Préval. Clair’s church and founded a food program feeding 1,000 children a day.

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