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Add the 3 and “3nder” implies a dating app for three people. The app’s color scheme will remain as is, the same two-toned orange.The logo, three overlapping pill shaped figures, heavily resembles Airbnb’s emblem, which was refreshed in 2014. She isn't a maid bot, she's just wearing a frilly dress and getting Motoko drinks, well, ...

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Renaming means previously built up brand equity is lost—you’re starting from scratch.

While 3nder is a young company, it has had a good deal of media luck. But the name 3nder itself may have also helped it garner attention.

When the app was still just a landing page, it drew the gaze of reporters in both the U. Not only because it sounds like Tinder (though 3nder says it’s pronounced “three-ender,” most people call it “thrinder”), mind you, but also because of its use of millennial parlance.

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