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He plays Runescape - an "old school" online game where players assume characters in a medieval virtual world, complete quests and fight and trade with others - under the moniker "Trance Music". E-dating is not an unusual phenomenon, especially within avid online gamers, who build long-standing relationships with each other in virtual spaces.

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These are a sample of the heartbreak resulting from romance scammers.

I am pretty sure that I have fallen victim to an internet dating site scammer. I was flattered considering that he was quite handsome, and from Florida.

They could have been shot, they could have died because you chose to SWAT my stream.

I don't give a s*** about what you have against me, or what I did to you. Your gripe is with me so let it be with me and do not involve my family in any way, shape or form with this.

They don't deserve that." Peters told ABC News (via Game Politics) that he wasn't aware of anyone with a "beef" against him.

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