Manila girls webcam chat room - Dating format used by scammers

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The story unfolds on how these fraudsters operate as one viewer sends along his correspondence with some Nigerian Advance Fee Scammers.

Hello, My name is Emil and am writing from Romania, East Europe.

I never fully believed in the truthfulness of this story, which attitude helped me to stop. Spent some time to learn the situation as described on sites about Africa and Zimbabwe. Steps taken: asking as many questions as possible, deeper and deeper into detail.

Wrote to several human rights agencies, including Amnesty Int. This took some time – totally, there were over 25 mails received from "Obi" and same sent , maybe less. Above all things, I thought that a push-pull communication would drive him to the end of patience and cause him forget many of things told in the beginning.

I then searched the web and identified very clearly the type of brains which authored the messages.

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