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My friend picked it out for me, I did not get it right away.

There’s an unwritten rule that Bike EXIF does not feature bikes shot against a garage door.

For some reason, you see, I believe the weeping willow has something to do with the ‘fat girl’ of the title, that strange creature with ‘eyes as light as water’ who stays in bed when there’s a thunderstorm and never dares jump headfirst – who is despised by everybody, the focus of everyone’s dislike, and who one winter’s day plunges into the icy cold lake, full of defiance. The ice had a silvery sheen, but not all over: here and there it was a little darker, and in these cloudy spots the thaw was setting in.

In the moment of death, this fat girl suddenly loses all fear, finds freedom and sets off to discover ‘all the glowing life in the world’. Hurry up, I called out impatiently, and Fatty did actually start to hurry, but not at my urging; out there, beyond the end of the long steamer jetty, someone was waving and shouting, ‘Come on, Fatty’, someone who was skating in circles out there, a light, bright figure.

I left my grill lid open for about 20-30 minutes of moderate rain.

( accident of course )It's the next day now and my ignitor will not "click" at all.

I bought this romper for a bachelorette party and it was so cute! " and about 115lbs and I bought an XS and it fit perfect!

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