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1 slot since 1990, the pre-Sound Scan, pre-computerized era of chart tabulation.

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This morning, Shoboy and Nina had a very special artist visit at the studio.

Nicky Jam started from the bottom, got to the top, lost his way, and has now rebuilt himself, becoming Hot Latin’s shining comeback kid.

If we're talking fight metaphors here – and the Kingdom Tour is definitely going all-in with the boxing imagery – we'd be up there in the realm of Ali-Frazier: That's how big of a deal the pairing of Daddy Yankee and Don Omar on one stage, for one night, is. In the other corner is Don Omar, the firebrand behind the "Reggaeton Latino" anthem and the influential King of Kings album.

In one corner is Daddy Yankee, he of "Gasolina" fame, and Barrio Fino, the album that lodged reggaeton firmly in the mainstream.

I love him.”Grant and Hurley first started dating in 1987 after meeting on the set of ‘Remando Al Viento’ — and Hurley even stood by Grant’s side when he was arrested for soliciting prostitutes in 1995.

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