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by  |  11-Nov-2019 15:44

So as we start the new year, the timing seemed right for another decision guide for cutting cable TV, updating the one I wrote two years ago.

Here’s a breakdown of why you should—or shouldn’t—ditch cable in favor of streaming video services.

Spotify takes their cut, so they make something too. If someone is determined not to pay for music, then a paid streaming music service such as Spotify isn’t going to stop them.

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Service availability, equipment needed, speeds and pricing may vary.

In order to continue receiving the stated price, you must subscribe to & maintain all services through the 12 month promotional period.

File sharing networks popped up everywhere, and anytime you wanted a song or an album, all you had to do was type in the name and download it. This obviously meant that the artists were losing money hand over fist, and the music studios were also seeing their profit margins plummet.

They responded with aggressive lawsuits against file sharers, and those file sharers were hit with stunning punitive damages stretching into millions, or even tens of millions of dollars.

Sling TV, Play Station Vue, and Direc TV Now all offer dozens of channels without the hardware rental costs, hidden fees, or the steep annual rate increases of cable.

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