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I'm using Regex Buddy but I'm in trouble anyway with this thing :\ I'm processing line by line a file. Regexps aren't really set up for doing negative matching, they leave that to whatever language you are using them with. You're thinking of the Tempered Greedy Token idiom.

Once I got these lines I've to apply an other filter just to do not match a known value, I need all the others, not that. Typically, attempting to parse an entire file by constructing a regular expression that matches each line is a rather complicated route :) Edit (again): Note that lookaheads and lookbehinds are generally not the right way to "inverse" a regular expression match.

While certain personality types or physical attributes may be your usual preference, enter the world of online dating with a willingness to date someone outside your classic ‘type’ and you could be in for a nice surprise.

While it’s good to consider dating people with different personality traits, you may still want to specify certain key attributes, for example if you want to meet someone of a similar age or a maximum height.

Or first check for at least 6 word characters, and then check that it does not match Andrea. I probably answered the question I had was I first visited this page, ignoring the discrepancy.

My connection isn't good enough to update the answer right now, though ( If you want to do this in Regex Buddy, there are two ways to get a list of all lines not matching a regex.

Moreover, the sender’s profile is also highlighted on the connections page of the receiver.2.

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