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For those that don’t know, Tinder is essentially a location and picture based dating app, which allows one to quickly confirm or deny possible dates by swiping people to the left or right. There are some cuties here.” Another female snowboarder from New Zealand, Rebecca Torr, has been tweeting about her experiences using the Tinder app and even got a response from the Tinder team asking how many matches she’s gotten so far.

The app has been all the rage in the past year with its departure from traditional dating site matching programs and dating profiles. There’s no doubt that these new dating apps such as Tinder are major game changers in the online dating world and it would probably do big dating companies such as Match and e Harmony some good to figure out how to get into this game.

That worry comes from a real place, scientifically.

Increased choice not only leads to anxiety but to "choice overload," whereby "participants become cognitively overwhelmed as choice sets of potential partners grow larger." A 2008 study An overwhelming number of options can also lead us to muddle our dating criteria.

On the other hand, the process easily lends itself to deceit, allows you to engage in the fantasy that there’s a perfect partner or “soul mate” awaiting you—if you have the patience to sort through a haystack, and can subject you to more rejection in a week than you’ve experienced in a lifetime.

Despite the downside, I believe that online dating is a practical, even necessary relationship vehicle for our fast paced planet.

As discussed in a previous post, some relationship scientists seriously doubt the effectiveness of the algorithms used by online dating sites to match people to potential partners.

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