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He wrote about there only being a few kinds of creatures to start with and that these multiplied into many kinds over time.

That may sound obvious and silly, but there are plenty of singles who don’t understand why I won’t simply hire a babysitter every weekend to go out. And by “out of the house,” I, of course, mean once I’ve finally gotten there after leaving work on time to make it to any number of music lessons, soccer practice, tae kwon do, acting classes, etc.

It’s not that I don’t want to see you, but I want to spend some fun time with my kids too! And that’s assuming I’ve had time to look over the kids’ homework, cook dinner and make sure they’ve bathed and gotten off to bed.

Despite the fact that other absolute dating techniques would be highly desirable for providing absolute (calendrical) dates for the Iron Age, the authors argue that radiocarbon dating and Bayesian analysis of radiocarbon determinations will remain the most useful and reliable dating methodology in the foreseeable future.

By Stacy Lamb I often get asked to write about dating as a single parent and, for a long time, I’ve mostly laughed off the requests for a few reasons: First of all, I prefer to focus (this column, and my life) on parenting.

It’s cliché, but it’s true, especially as a parent - you really have to be happy with yourself before you can date someone else.

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