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With this type of electronic visa you can enter Azerbaijan at any border entry point (air, land, sea). You need to book a hotel for the whole duration of your electronic visa and provide us with confirmation from hotel. In case you enter and depart Azerbaijan by other ways then please indicate it.Please note that electronic visa is issued for days the hotel booking is confirmed for. Coming with vehicle then indicate type of vehicle, registration plate number and the border entry point.

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If flight coupons are not used in the right sequence, the ticket becomes invalid.

Reservation and purchase We recommend that you reserve and buy tickets in advance from offices of the Azerbaijan Airlines flag carrier or its agents around the world.

The tickets purchased under the normal fares are valid for carriage of a passenger and his/her baggage for one year from the date of initial departure.

The tickets purchased at special fares are valid for a period from the date of your ticket issuance as defined in "not valid after" column.

Before you enter your personal details, please check that you are using our secure online registration system.

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