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The invention of the page table let the processor operate on arbitrary pages anywhere in RAM as a seemingly contiguous logical address space.

These pages became the units exchanged between disk and RAM.

I would appreciate it if you tell us the major reason of having both. (If you are using any GUI tool which lists User and Schema e.g.

Thanks in advance, Arash April 04, 2003 - pm UTC schema is a fancy name for user most of the time. SQL Navigator OR TOAD, you can see the schmea name being added in schema list when u create FIRST object for a user, and being removed from the schema list when u delete LAST object for any user) (2) Schema without a User - There is only 1 schema which does not have a user associated with it. This is a schema, as there are objects in it, but there is no user with name 'PUBLIC'.

Tom i read so many book for oracle and java and every book speak about schema but did not explain the actual meaning of give the meanning of "user and all objects it own".other give the meaning of " Structure of table".

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