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This publication recognizes those educators who have participated in this program as teacher ambassadors.About five years ago, I met a guy through Casual Kiss (a free dating site geared towards the under 35 set) who advised me "Lavalife is a lot better". I even changed my profile to explicitly state, "I'm not looking for a Daddy, thanks." Still, the responses flowed faster than I could keep up and within a week I had to take a break.This publication highlights the more than 700 Tempe students and their sister cities brother or sister who have participated in this program as delegates since 1972.

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At the time I wasn't partial to the paid dating sites, as few were heavily populated in Canada at the time. In the five years since I still haven't received anything quite as intense as what I received my first week on Lavalife (affectionately referred to as Lava).

But recommendations go a long way in my world, so I decided to sign up and see what happened. Where Casual Kiss offered me a couple of responses and hello's a week, Lavalife gave me hundreds upon hundreds in mere hours. Eventually the surge lifted, and I was able to thinkabout the entire process, and realized: I haven't paid a penny to Lavalife yet, and it's not a free dating site.

The TSC Quarterly highlights volunteers and the major activities of the organization.

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