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1990 Seismic recurrence intervals and the timing of aseismic slip inferred from emerged corals, Vanuatu Frontal Arc.

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U-Th ages obtained by mass spectrometry in corals from Barbados: sea level during the past 130,000 years.

Calibration of the 14C timescale over the past 30,000 years using mass spectrometric U-Th ages from Barbados corals.

A state of the art clean laboratory facility is used for chemical sample preparation, i.e. Analyses are finally done in the mass spectrometry laboratory which houses a Thermo Finnigan Nept...

Read more The U-series laboratory consists of three different sections:1) a 'dirty' preparation section where small sub-samples are physically separated from rocks or sediments,2) a clean laboratory for chemical separation and purification of samples and3) the mass spectrometry section.

Uranium series dating of impure carbonates: an isochron technic using total sample dissolution.

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