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The brain child of composer-lyricist-book writer-director Joseph Brooks — who gave the world 1977 schmaltz fest “You Light up My Life” and a string of advertising jingles — this baffling mix of romance, Tourette’s syndrome, brain tumors and heavenly intervention remains unswervingly earnest, even as it lurches unintentionally into parody. Hanke), you might be forgiven for making such an audacious claim. In this world, you never quite get what you pay for. In this time called life we are just players in the game. Life is only a ride on the wheel; we fall off and get back on. ) descends to dominate the stage in the final song, the suspicion arises that this might be an elaborate joke, like Bialystock and Bloom’s insurance scam to hatch a surefire flop in “The Producers.” But no such trickery seems intended.

Springsteen, in black leather jacket and black jeans, had words for them too. Subscriptions are available for home delivery of the print edition and for a digital replica viewable on your mobile device or computer.

To many of the people who waited in line in the rain, Springsteen and his music are not merely their lives' soundtrack, but its compass.

Then again, the tunes are probably evergreens next to J.

T.’s college radio hits, the titles of which we are tantalized with — “Creatures of the Morning Rain,” “Purple Girl,” “Blue Apple” — but, alas, never hear.

He didn't have to spend the day meeting people, several fans said. Or at first, when Springsteen might show up - he had arrived 90 minutes early for a previous event in Freehold. He drove in from of Pottsville and stayed overnight in Philadelphia. In many cases, these were fans who for 40 years or more have been having a conversation with Springsteen in their heads. You have encouraged us in our mission — to provide quality news and watchdog journalism.

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