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There is a wealth of folk tales, legends, poetry, music and dance passed on through the centuries.

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L’analyse minutieuse des proportions et dimensions de l’objet, a permis de proposer un motif géométrique, base de la construction de la plaque-boucle et du dessin de décoration.

La composition très élaborée de cet objet de parure au cloisonné complexe est aussi illustrée par une vue éclatée de sa structure.

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The New World may be embodied by the Parliament Palace and the subway network in Bucharest, or by the Western styles of life adopted by Romania's townsfolk. Its neighbours are Bulgaria (South), Yugoslavia (South-West), Hungary (North-West), Ukraine (North), Moldavia (East), the Black Sea (East). About 55% of Romania's inhabitants live in urban areas, and the rest in rural areas.

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