Pete wentz and ryan ross dating

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“What an ass.” Pete said picking up Ryan’s things and then turning to look him in the eye.

” He said knocking all of Ryan’s things off his desk and sauntering away from them.

“I’m sorry, I’m such a baby.” Ryan said pulling away and wiping his face. “Oh nothing you know, it’s not like he asked me to marry him or anything! “I think that might be the gayest thing I’ve ever done.” Pete said, laughing at himself.

“No your not, aw, don’t do that babe, you’re ruining your makeup, here have a tissue.” He handed Ryan a tissue. ” Just as Ryan was about to reply they were cut off by their teacher. “Yeah, sounds great to me, Iloveyou.” “Love you too, Bye boys! “Oh by the way, there’s two new students who’ve just moved from England, I think you’ll get along.” Frank said, standing up and shhing the students.

Pete felt sorry for them, he now knew what that was like, maybe these guys would be great friends after all.

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