Can restore my ipod without updating frustrationdating com

by  |  28-Nov-2019 18:46

Adding a passcode is the usual route taken to increase the security of your device.However, you can forget the passcode easily or a kid messed up the passcode or someone made a lucky guess, then the device is going to get locked.

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Using this article you will able to do How To Restore Disabled Ipad Without Updating and How To Restore Iphone Without Updating Using Itunes.

The normal restore process for i Phone will download the latest software to your device automatically through i Tunes, and your i Phone will be updated to latest i OS version.

This tool tries to fix problems that a normal restore would do.

With this tool you cannot upgrade or downgrade to any given i OS version.

If your i Phone is not jailbroken, you need to use the built-in Remove All Information and Settings tool.

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