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^ ^ So this time, I decided even though I was doing this for my younger sister, I would want to make this Totoro more improved. Since I have much more experience and knowledge now, it was easy, hehe.

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Everything seems fine, except the incoming call notification. I don't think it's a problem of this rom, because I tried another verizon rom 5.0 from the other thread and it lead to the same issue.

I don't know whether I have to play with file to change the ro.carrier to something else...

L'équipe Tandem part en vacances au mois d'août !

Pas d’inquiétude tout est prêt pour la rentrée de quoi vous assurer une saison bien remplie.

Injectible fillers are one of the only minimally invasive ways to correct dark circles, but the procedure is off-label and potentially dangerous.

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