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People weren't thinking I was making that kind of money, and now they knew." At the time, Nas didn’t sound too keen on finding love, though he did offer up some relationship advice.

Nas and Kelis jumped the broom in 2005 after a courtship that included video cameos and public declarations of love.

] and expressing how very little she cares for the Kelis (“[She] could be on fire and I wouldn’t spit on that b-tch”).

In 2006 Carmen released her autobiography in which spilled the details about her relationship with Nas and the part she played in one of Rap’s most high profile beefs.

Minaj posted the snap on Instagram, adding a congratulatory shout out to her dinner date. "Congratulations Nas." NEWS: Nicki Minaj’s Hair Extensions Reach Her Ankles at Paris Fashion Week: Watch the Mesmerizing Video!

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