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Whereas the men of the present day now celebrate it before the equinox, and that altogether through negligence and error.Those who held this view began to experiment with independent computations that would always place Pascha in the spring season.Though modified slightly from its original form, by 1583 AD the table for determining the Ecclesiastical Full Moon dates was permanently established and has been used ever since to determine the date of Easter.

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Astronomers were able to approximate the dates of all the full moons in future years for the Western Christian churches, thus establishing a table of Ecclesiastical Full Moon dates.

These dates would determine the Holy Days on the Ecclesiastical Calendar.

We also published the complete list of full moon names here on

The origins of these names have been traced back to Native America, though they may also have evolved from old England or, as Guy Ottewell, editor of the annual publication Astronomical Calendar, suggests, "writer's fancy.") The first full moon of spring is usually designated as the Paschal Full Moon or the Paschal Term.

Luke (Acts 2.1, 12.3, 20.6, 27.9) refer to Jewish annual festivals expecting their Gentile readers to know what is meant.

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