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But it's been the longest I've ever gone without P/O, so it's nice to finally see some concrete results.

I reckon I would have relapsed at least 3 times if my computer wasn't 50 minutes away at my parents' place.

There are multiple solutions available for content filtering on your computer; Net Nanny, Norton Family Premiere, Web Watcher, MCafee, etc. I’ve used all of the other programs, and found holes in each of them; sometimes gaping holes.

Unfortunately, the most often overlooked option is, in my experienced opinion, the best product: K9 Web Protection. In fact, I once called in an issue to technical support for one of the above products, and was told by one of their support engineers “” Hmm. As such, K9 is my recommendation, and the following are my recommended steps for a secure configuration of K9 on your Mac: Prior to configuration, you will need to download and install the application.

A police dog could be brain damaged after he was shot three times in the line of duty.

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