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No legal problems arise when adults consensually sext each other.However, if one or both parties involved in sexting is a minor, sexting can violate the law.Katy Perry: This year, you can look like shit when you vote. Katy Perry: Yep, I briefly scanned the Constitution, and no where does it say you can't just Katy Perry: roll out of bed, and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. Katy Perry: That free XL t-shirt that you got from your bank.

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[ she yells ] Katy Perry: [KATY in voiceover] Go to Rock The to register and sign the pledge.

Sexting: the exchange of personal nude photos or videos via digital means.

Consider instances in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

This is an online exclusive story from ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue 2014. So I remember being like, "OK, I really want all the buttons." It's this bulldozer effect on the ice.

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