Accommodating cuts

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He also provided a more practical definition of universal usability – "having more than 90% of all households as successful users of information and communications services at least once a week." The concept of universal usability ("usable by all") is closely related to the concepts of universal design and design for all.

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“Senator Feinstein (D-Calif.) and I have worked together under very challenging fiscal constraints this year the same way we always have – in a fair and accommodating manner – with the goal of drafting a bipartisan bill that prioritizes spending and reduces waste. First, it not only restores but increases funding for the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), which funds high-risk, high-reward research with the potential to achieve breakthroughs in U. Furthermore, the accompanying report written by the Senate Appropriations committee bullishly rejects any moves to eliminate ARPA-E: The budget request proposes to terminate ARPA–E and use funds appropriated in fiscal year 2017 for oversight and management.

We hope this bill can be one of the first appropriations bills considered by the full Senate this year.” The Senate’s bipartisan move to sustain funding for key energy research and development programs is a sharp break from both President Trump’s budget request and the U. The Committee definitively rejects this short-sighted proposal, and instead increases investment in this transformational program and directs the Department [of Energy] to continue to spend funds provided on research and development and program direction.

Then she cut the tumor off with a sharp knife, and put some medicine on the cuts. The tumor was very big—about one fourth of the human body.

Where would this patient be if she had not met this Western doctor?

For example, a novice user can be provided with only a few options; after gaining confidence and experience, the user can choose to progress to higher levels of tasks and the accompanying interface.

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