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Many times, when I go out without my kids, I kind of want to leave being a mother back at home.

It’s not a knock on my kids or the job, just that, like most people, there are many facets to my life.

, which should generate many discussions involving Armie. Armie, who is the great-grandson of philanthropist Armand Hammer, is married to actress Elizabeth Chambers.

They have two children: daughter Harper, age two, and a six-month old son named Ford.

Earlier, Hammer's publicist had told me the 26-year-old would be "most comfortable" here, at the restaurant of the Sunset Marquis, in West Hollywood, but as he tosses his motorcycle helmet into the booth, happily chattering about the ride over on his Vespa ("I mean, it's about as badass as you can be while still riding a scooter"), a substitute for the motorcycle he dearly wants but that his wife of three years, Elizabeth Chambers, won't let him buy, it becomes obvious that this was a lie.

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