Messenger dating scams on yahoo do they say white guys dating asian girls

by  |  05-Feb-2020 19:12

Let see how many of you are willing and able to help the rest of us out with your opinions and feedback.

Dating sites themselves are not scams - the problem is that out of the millions of profiles there is no way any site has the resources to verify everyone is who they claim to be.

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We talked for hours - 3-4 hrs every night for pass 3 weeks. Guess I was so lured by his tactics I even drove 80 miles to meet him at a restaurant before he was to live on his flight to Africa. Since he was retiring from other business adventures but still has 1-2 business deals on the side - part-time that he was interested in.

He keep in close contact while in Accra, Ghana - Africa. Oh he said his late Mom had a Jewelry Shop he wanted to re-open. I told him before I lost my job 20 months ago, had a temp job that ended.

Gave me personal details about himself and me back to him. The people have no idea what it's all worth in the states.

Have so much in common, same interest, what we are looking for in friendship/companionship/long term commitment etc. He wanted to teach me business and to help run his late Mom's jewelry shop, would teach me and show how to make some of the jewelry that his mom had shown him for the shop. He told me there was an opportunity to buy lots of GOLD Stuffs - how he put it - for the Jewelry shop. That's when just a few days ago he said he could buy it for $250,000 it be worth $2 million.

Im also looking at starting a honest review site of them and would love to hear some feedback from users of dating sites both the successes and the failures.

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