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(Note that the numbers of victims are not absolute, as they are different for every organization that describes the accident in books or on their websites. Chernobyl: Russian nuclear power plant explosion 3. This event is now known as the worst industrial environmental disaster to ever have occurred.They won't settle for the standard excuses, and you can't convincingly make up something new on the spot. Simple: Tell the truth, but in a tone of voice that suggests you don't mean a word of it. Occasionally results in the trope user being hurt that no-one believes that he/she could have done what they sarcastically confessed to. A Cassandra Gambit is a large-scale non-sarcastic version of this. Suspiciously Specific Denial can drift into this trope.

As per the instructions, I am writing to plead ‘not guilty’ to this charge.

Although this option is said to result in this matter going to court; it is my suggestion that the charges simply be dropped.

Remember, kids, it isn't lying if you tell the truth in a sarcastic tone of voice!

The protagonists are all trying to hold up the Masquerade, but the Nosy Neighbor is sniffing around, trying to figure out the secret. I'm so sorry I forgot to invite you to his coffin-warming party.") This usually will get them off your case, plus if they actually do meet your vampire roommate one day, they'll be less likely to take him seriously.

I am in the habit of not taking “plea deals”, and I am always in the habit of fighting my tickets and NOT pre-paying them so I don’t have to go to court – like many folks do.

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