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SYS) ** IRQs 0-15 support & selectable port addresses for nonstandard comports. NOTE: You will need to obtain a copy of an external protocols program such as GSZ. EXE will allow the sysop to become as involved as he wants to be! ) The best thing about LORD is, there's no real reason to quit because you keep getting killed or beat up. LORD has internal commands that the player can toggle to override settings. However they WANT players to get to a higher level, mainly because they're too chicken to fight the Dragon themselves. Oh - Don't pay attention" to that stupid bartender - I could make a much better one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Charm and Interaction While most people playing LORD will kill you if they can, simply for the experience, some people will dislike you with a passion, and you will probably end the day by one of you getting killed. (LORD will auto detect if they are using RIP, what version of RIP, and if they do not have the LORD icons, will give them the option to download it). ) (Single line systems, if you can multi-task, you CAN use the Local option from DOS to play along with someone on your BBS. BAT from the LORD dir.) ** More interactive forest events. Nothing more annoying than logging on and finding you killed yourself 2 minutes ago! A group of children did not return from a nature walk today. However, you have to wait until tomorrow to try again. The Masters and their Skills Each Master is a master at what they do -- fighting at their level. After that, it gets a little dull, but you or your Sys Op can set it however they want. See In simple language, a hedge is used to reduce any substantial losses or gains suffered by an individual or an organization.

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